Surfing-Related Titles

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75-85 Surfing Japan - Various

All for a Few Perfect Waves (Dora) - David Rensin

All Those Summers - Michael McPherson

The Art of the Surfboard - Drew Kampion

Barbarian Days - William Finnegan

Beyond the Moon - James Greig McCully

The Big Drop - John Long

The Big Juice - John Long & Sam George

Bluebird Rising - John Decure

Breath - Tim Winton

Bunker Spreckels - Art Brewer

Bustin’ Down the Door - Rabbit Bartholomew

Bustin’ Down the Door - Shaun Tomson

The California Surf Project - Eric Soderquist

California Trip - Richard Blair

Caught Inside - Daniel Duane

Chasing Waves - Amy Waeschle

Child of the Storm - Kirk Aeder

Da Bull: Life Over the Edge - Greg Noll

The Dawn Patrol - Don Winslow

The Dogs of Winter - Kem Nunn

Dora Lives - Steve Pezman

Dude - Lisa Pliscou

Eddie Would Go - Stuart H. Coleman

The Eighties At Echo Beach - Mike Moir

The Encyclopedia of Surfing - Matt Warshaw

Far From Shore - Margaret Kathrein

Fierce Heart: The Story of Makaha - Stuart H. Coleman

The Finest Line - Rusty Long

Force of Nature - Laird Hamilton

For The Love - Kelly Slater

Ghost Wave - Chris Dixon

Gidget - Frederick Kohner

Global Surf Nation - Chris Moran

Harbour Chronicles - Rich Harbour

High Surf - Tim Baker

The History of Surfing - Matt Warshaw

Hobie - Paul Holmes

Imperfect Solitude - Tom Mahony

Increments of Fear - Anna Trent Moore

In Search of Captain Zero - Allan Weisbecker

Inside Maverick’s - D. Acton, B. Jenkins, G. Washburn

Island Explorer - Dan Scheffler

It’s Always Summer On The Inside - Drew Kampion

Ka’unua - Glenn Henning

Kook - Peter Heller

Kula - Chip Hughes

Legends of Surfing - Duke Boyd

Leroy Grannis - Jim Heiman

Local Tribes - Thomas Hickenbottom

Lost Coast - Drew Kampion

Maverick’s - Matt Warshaw

Men Who Ride Mountains - Peter Dixon

Morning Glass - Mike Doyle

The Mountain And The Wave - Phil Jarratt

Mountains of the Sea - Gunter O. Swoboda

Mr. Sunset - Phil Jarratt

Murder on Moloka’i - Chip Hughes

Native Moments - Nic Schuck

No Bad Waves - Mickey Muñoz

North Shore Chronicles - Bruce Jenkins

On a Wave - Thad Ziolkowski

Pacific Offering - Tom Mahony

Photo/Stoner - Matt Warshaw

The Pilgrimage - Sean Doherty

Pipe Dreams - Kelly Slater

The Pipeline - Surfline

The Plight of the Torpedo People - Tom Adler

Reef Dance - John Decure

Rhinos Who Surf - Julie Mammano

The Ride Home - Jacob Ray

Saltwater Buddha - Jaimal Yogis

Saltwater Vampires - Kirsty Eagar

Some Like It Cold -  William Povletich

The Soul of Surfing - Fred Hemmings

Soul Surfer - Bethany Hamilton (Rick Bundschuh)

Stealing the Wave - Andy Martin

Stoked! A History of Surf Culture - Drew Kampion

Stories of Rell Sunn: Queen of Makaha - Greg Ambrose

The Surfboard - Ben Marcus

Surf Contest - Ron Church

Surfer’s Code - Shaun Tomson

Surfing Photographs From The Seventies - Jeff Divine

Surfing San Onofre to Point Dume - Don James

Surfing’s Greatest Misadventures - Paul Diamond

The Surf Girl Handbook - Louise Searle

The Surfing Handbook - Ben Marcus

Surf Is Where You Find It - Gerry Lopez

Surf Story - Robb Havassy

Surf’s Up - Mark Blackburn

Surf Survival - Nathanson, Everline, Renneker

A Surf Trip to Remember - John Fitzgerald

Sweetness and Blood - Michael Scott Moore

Swell - Evan Slater

Tapping the Source - Kem Nunn

Tavarua - Scott Winer

Teahupoo - Tim McKenna

Tijuana Straits - Kem Nunn

Tom Blake - Gary Lynch

Trout Rising - Kevin Naughton

Turtles Don’t Surf - Jaimal Yogis

Ultimate Surfing Adventures - Alf Alderson

The Voodoo Wave - Mark Kreidler

The Voyage of the Cormorant - Christian Beamish

The Water’s End - Christopher Hawkins

The Wave - Susan Casey

A Wave Away - Matt Griggs

Waves - Drew Kampion

Waves - Steve Hawk

Waves and Beaches - Willard Bascom

Waves of Resistance - Isaiah Walker

West of Jesus - Steven Kotler

Wipeout! - Chip Huges

You Should Have Been Here an Hour Ago - Phil Edwards

Zero Break - Matt Warshaw