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Northern California surfer/author Tom Mahony has got another fun surfing novel, Pacific Offering (you may remember Mahony from his solid debut novel, Imperfect Solitude). In his new book, Mohony leaves California behind and follows the ill-fated journey of two surfing buddies, Beck and Parry, down into the nether regions of the Baja Peninsula. Packed into a crappy old pick-up named Ginger, Beck and Parry push south with limited funds but an abundance of surf gear and printed porn, the universal currency of a Baja surf excursion.  Told with the credibility of someone who has actually been there, Mahony accurately portrays all the joy, hardship, and death defying situations you’d come to expect from a surf trip south of the border. It’s all in there: banditos, horrible surf, epic surf, near drownings, drunken fights, jail, corrupt cops, and, of course, local love. The result is a rich, languid tale that pairs perfectly with a beer on a hot summer beach. (November 2012)

Pacific Offering - Tom Mahony


Category: Fiction

Reading Style: Easy

Pages: 188

Pub Date: 2012

Tags: Surfing