Bluebird Rising - John Decure

Blues - John Hersey

Breath - Tim Winton

The Dawn Patrol - Don Winslow

The Dogs of Winter - Kem Nunn

Dude - Lisa Pliscou

Gidget - Frederick Kohner

Hawaii - James Michener

Imperfect Solitude - Tom Mahony

In Search of Captain Zero - Allan Weisbecker

Islands in the Stream - Ernest Hemingway

Jaws - Peter Benchley

Ka’unua - Glenn Henning

Kula - Chip Hughes

Local Tribes - Thomas Hickenbottom

Lost Coast - Drew Kampion

Men Against The Sea - Nordoff & Hall

Moby Dick - Herman Melville

The Moon and Sixpence - W. Somerset Maugham

Mountains of the Sea - Gunter O. Swoboda

Murder on Moloka’i - Chip Hughes

Mutiny on the Bounty - Nordoff & Hall

Native Moments - Nic Schuck

The Old Man and the Sea - Ernest Hemingway

On a Wave - Thad Ziolkowski

The Ride Home - Jacob Ray

Pacific Offering - Tom Mahony

Pitcairn’s Island - Nordoff & Hall

Reef Dance - John Decure

Rhinos Who Surf - Julie Mammano

Saltwater Vampires - Kirsty Eagar

The Sea Runners -  Ivan Doig

The Sound of Waves - Yukio Mishima

A Surf Trip to Remember - John Fitzgerald

Tales of the Pacific - Jack London

Tapping the Source - Kem Nunn

Tijuana Straits - Kem Nunn

Trout Rising - Kevin Naughton

Turtles Don’t Surf - Jaimal Yogis

The Water’s End - Christopher Hawkins

Wipeout! - Chip Huges

Zero Break - Matt Warshaw


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